Robert van Embricqs, Rising shell-stool

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Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs’ furniture gives poetic form to function. Finding inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life and movement, Robert creates pieces whose design is both dictated and guided by their source materials.

With that notion in mind as a jumping-off point, the newest addition to the line is the Rising Shell, which adds a new dimension to the Rising principle and brings it to the next level. If the shell isn’t being used, it can be seamlessly folded back, only to have it open and rise up like a budding flower when it’s needed again.

Constructed with laminated bamboo beams that guarantee firmness and durability. The material combinations presents a minimalistic design approach and ensures a safe and secure hinge system.


Numbered & signed by Robert van Embricqs.


Designed 2011


W: 39 cm, H: 20 cm, D: 40 cm


Materials: Bamboo caramel and brass details.

Manufacturer: Robert van Embricqs

Condition: Excellent


Quantity available: 1


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