Klaas Gubbels “Ionesco” chair

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Dutch artist Klaas Gubbels designed these seats in 1969 as decor items for the famous play “The Chairs” by Eugène Inonesco. Klaas Gubbels designed, each different, only 35 of wood sawn chairs and were pictured from a strange point: the chairs have no seating, but the hind legs are slightly backwards so that they remain so.

Signed by Klaas Gubbels.


Designed 1969


W: 52 cm, H: 89 cm


Materials: White painted wood and metal details.

Manufacturer: Klaas Gubbels

Condition: Very good


Quantity available: 1


Literature: Klaas Gubbels, MNK, page 120 and 121. (photo decor chair pictured)


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