Han Pieck lounge armchair

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Lounge armchair. Ingenious design that utilizes a single piece of plywood to create the arms, legs, and seat of the chair. Approximately production of 1300 chairs.


Designed 1946


W: 67 cm, H: 78 cm, D: 60 cm. SH: 34 cm

W: 26.4 in, H: 30.7 in, D: 23.6 in, SH: 13.4 in


Materials: Laminated birch plywood, copper nails

Manufacturer: Lawo, Ommen NL

Condition: Very good


Quantity available: 1


Literature: ‘Stoelen Nederlandse Ontwerpen 1945-1985’ by Peter Vöge and Bab Westerveld, Meulenhoff/Landshoff, page 70. ‘Stoelen,’ by Delft University Press, Delft 1980, page 104


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